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Yoko Ono behind new John Lennon documentary

An article I wrote for the Liverpool Echo on a new documentary being by Lennon's ex-wife, Yoko Ono. Read it HERE.


Port traffic route headache: which option is best for Merseyside?

An article I helped research for the Liverpool Echo. Read it HERE.

Meet the Merseyside MENSA member aged just 12

An article I researched and wrote for the Liverpool Echo about a Merseyside schoolgirl who had been accepted into MENSA. Read it HERE.

Merseyside shops hit by fruit and veg rationing and price increases

An article I wrote and researched for the Liverpool Echo on the fruit and veg shortage faced by supermarkets and greengrocers in Liverpool. Read it HERE. Feature image: ReflectedSerendipity

NPower raises energy prices for thousands of people on Merseyside

An article I wrote for the Liverpool Echo regarding how rising energy prices may affect the people of Merseyside. Read it HERE.

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