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November 2016

#AlcoholAndMe: Alcohol And Mental Health

As part of a digital project for my MA in Journalism, I produced a feature on the relationship between alcohol and mental. The article can be found here


Trainspotting 2: Three Things We Want To See

“Hello Mark, so what have you been up to…for 20 years?” 20 years on from Trainspotting, one of the all-time great British films, the first trailer for its sequel has arrived. But what can we expect from the highly anticipated... Continue Reading →

Wayne Rooney’s career is at a crossroads, perhaps it’s time he called it a day

Wayne Rooney's career is at a crossroads, perhaps it's time he called it a day

Top 5 Political TV Shows

When it comes to television, politics is not the monotonous beast many associate with real life. Whilst shows draw upon reality for pragmatisms sake, the golden era of television has seen politics born-again in many forms to world-wide approval. Here... Continue Reading →

The never-ending debate surrounding ‘club vs country’ misses the point, and here’s why…

Source: The never-ending debate surrounding 'club vs country' misses the point, and here's why...

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